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Monday, June 2, 2008

monday, monday.

Hi friends!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Ours was a lot of fun!

Hershey park was awesome - it rained a lot in the morning, but luckily during the thunderstorm I was enjoying my self at the spa in Hotel Hershey (so posh!).  I mentioned before that I was getting a 'Chocolate Bean Polish'.  OH MY WORD!  I have never, EVER been touched by a woman like that before.  Haha!  It was so sensual, and I couldn't help but laugh and ask the lady if she felt as akward as I did.  Of course she said no (it's just ME) and helped me relax and ultimately fall asleep.  Basically you get rubbed down in chocolate shavings and melted cocoa beans, then they use a warm shower head and rinse off all the chocolate, lay warm towels all over you to soak up the water and then use cocoa butter while they massage.  I met Robbie back at the hotel after he finished golfing and I was done with my woman-on-woman action and he looked at me said, "wow, it really DOES smell like chocolate everywhere!  You can even smell it in the rooms!"...to which I responded, "Nope, that's just me."  I seriously smelled like chocolate the whole rest of the day and night.  Robbie didn't mind!  I forgot to charge my camera battery and managed to leave without any pictures.  At the end of the night after we hit up some roller coasters, we went around and tried all of the impossible games they have.  The last game we hit was the basketball hoop that's a gazillion feet up in the air (yes, a gazillion) and lo and behold, my studly husband made TWO shots, 'swooshes' right down the middle.  I was so proud and SO bummed I coudn't take a picture.  I'm convinced now that if we have a son he will be a pro.                                        

All in all, It was a great weekend.  Now here's to a great week!  

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