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Friday, June 6, 2008


Gosh, it's already the weekend again!  I am so impressed with those who update their blogs on a daily basis - it is admirable!  I don't even have kids and still can't seem to find the time.  These next couple of weeks are going to be getting even busier.  I praise God for keeping us busy though, who wants a still life?  Although the key thing is to keep our hearts still.  So far we're good!  But it's a daily process of taking time out to pray and call on the Lord.  He's our Rock and the only one who can get Robbie and I through these busy days!

Hooray for the weekend.  Tonight Robbie and I are heading up to his parents house for the night.  I'm going to a bridal shower tomorrow afternoon and Rob is celebrating Father's Day with his dad and brothers since he will be out of town next Sunday.  My parents opened up their pool (yay!) so we plan on getting plenty of sun-time on Sunday.  I loveeeee cooking out on the weekends!  I am so excited for us to move into our house so we can start BBQ'n a lot more.  We've managed to do a pretty good job here at the apt, but it's just not the same.  My mimi bought Robbie and I a house warming present that I am super excited about - a standing fire pit!!  My parents have a big one at the house and she loves sitting around it and roasting marshmallows (I sooo thought it was spelled "marshmellow" because that's how I pronounce it, but spell-check insists otherwise), so she thought we would like one too.  Thanks mimi, we are so excited!  

I really appreciate everyone who has sent messages saying they are praying for us.  Truthfully, I am ready to post what's going on, but I don't have the energy to type it all out!  If people are willing to take time out of their day to pray for us, I can certainly take time out to write what we are asking them to pray ABOUT.  I will post it all on Monday, or Sunday if I can.  It's my goal.  :o)  It's a strange thing relaying thoughts to a computer - but I find my mac to be a dear friend and inspiration to me.  It's the means of communication by which people can read this.  I feel extremely connected and am so thankful to any and everyone who takes time to read about our lives.  It's pretty humbling.  :o)  Thank you.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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