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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Things are good!  I deleted my last post because it isn't applicable anymore. :o)
I woke up this morning feeling SO much better and my fever completely gone.  I logged on and read my last two posts and thought I sounded like an Eeyore with a huge rain cloud over my head!  I've never been one to ask for "unspoken" prayer requests - I'm usually the first one to just blurt it all out.  It felt a little awkward putting something so big in our thought processes right now out into the virtual world.  But really, isn't that one of the blessings about the internet?  If negative information can be spread so quickly, at least the opposite is also true. Bring on the virtual prayers!  

My job situation has taken a drastic turn - God threw something into my lap, an opportunity, that Robbie and I have NO idea what to do about.  And it's getting down to crunch time.  I would have to take a HUGE pay cut, which doesn't come at the best time considering we're moving into our new home next month, but it would be the opportunity of a lifetime and something that I would enjoy SO much.  But are we being realistic about all of this?  What are the effects later down the line?  What if God puts a baby into our life sooner than we would ideally want?  Would it be selfish of me to take the job and leave what I have?  AH!  These are all things consuming my mind right now.  This job would be an honor, and would put me in the position to be a mentor and leader for young women and teen moms.  How can I turn away from that??  Double AH!  Again, thank you for your prayers, this has been all consuming for the past two weeks, but praise the Lord that this is the biggest thing in our life right now!  We really are so blessed with our lives and that we are healthy and about to move into an awesome new home.  I have received some really sweet messages and have been able to keep people updated in a more personal manner, which has been great.  

Okay, enough about me, how are YOU?!  Let us know!!  :o)  

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