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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I am now a Bikram Yogi!  I did Bikram Yoga when I lived in Chicago...during my pre-married, living young and in the city stage of my life.  I loved it but didn't get to pursue it once I moved back.  I researched and found a place on the Main Line.  I'm in love again!  I started Monday and I have gone EVERY DAY SINCE.  And that is dedication!  Each class is 90 minutes long, and for those of you new to the Bikram style, it means the whole class is held in a 105 degree room with humidity at 40%.  It is HOT and it KICKS MY BUTT.  But I am so in love with it again and am definitely wanting to do it for the long haul.  I convinced my sister to wake up early tomorrow morning and join me.  I encourage everyone to try it!  Robbie even joined me one time when he visited me in Chicago.  He had NO idea what the heck "Bikram" yoga was, and when I told him that a lot of football players came to the class too, he decided to give it a try.  He was shocked at how great of a workout it is.  I'm so excited for my newfound niche.

Robbie is back from his trip and I'm happy to have him home.   He had an awesome time and I had a great weekend too.  Addy was the CUTEST one at her recital.  My heart just melted watching her.  Oh, and I mentioned in my last post the block party I was going to on Sunday - they always have a firetruck come for the kiddies to ride in.  There was a good hour where the kids were off doing something else, so...let's just say Jena and I kept ourselves quite entertained.  Here are some pics!

(okay...my pics ARE NOT uploading right now.  Why is this?!  They keep going to the top!  Please let me know if you have an answer!  I'll try again later.)

Have a great rest of the week!  I'm off the State College to celebrate our sweet Julia and one of her last weekends as a single gal!!  Can't wait to post all about it when I get back!


Ashley and Drew said...

I have been wanting to try this! I am always afraid I will die in there...haha...but I am convinced it is worth it! Where do you find classes like this?

Harris Family said...

I LOVE yoga, it's so relaxing. they just opened a studio for Bikram yoga in SL so I might try it out...for now I enjoy the Pilates and Yoga classes at Lifetime, oh and Latin Fusion- I got my husband to do it with me, it was hilarious!

Hope yall have a blessed weekend!

Michelle said...

Oh lovie...the good ole days in Chi-town! I unfortunately don't do Bikram anymore, but i for sure get my butt kicked in bootcamp! Miss you lots! Love the skin! Hope my blog looks as good as yours someday!

xoxo, miche