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Friday, May 30, 2008

bring on the chocolate.

I'm so excited for this weekend!  Tonight my sister Jena and I have a hot date to see SATC.  We rarely get to go on dates these days, so I'm really pumped.  D, I wish you could be with us too!

Tomorrow morning Robbie and I are off to Hershey Park for the rest of the weekend.  His company is having a "fun in the sun" weekend shindig for their employees and families - to start the day off, Rob is meeting all the guys for golf in the morning and I'm going to the Hershey Spa with the ladies.  I'm getting a Chocolate Bean Polish (sounds a little risque, but I'm still excited!), then we're spending the day at the park, having a BBQ at night and THEN we're all getting rooms at the Hershey Hotel for the night!  His company rocks!  Thanks, Rich!!  I am so excited.  God is good. 

Rob and I are in the middle of making an important decision right now, please keep us in your prayers!  We're already moving into our first home in July, which is a big enough thing in itself, so this other thing comes with funny timing - I'll definitely write all about it once we make a final decision.  But yes, prayers would be appreciated!

Before I end this, I have to make a super-special shout out to the soon-to-be Mrs. Napper - thanks for your patience!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!  

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