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Thursday, October 2, 2008

I know!!

I know, I know...I have been terrible at this.  I'm sort of working on a big project right now and it's consuming a lot of my free time.  I pray that it will come to fruition soon and I will be able to tell you about it!  Robbie's birthday was a blast and our one year anniversary was BEYOND amazing!!!  I'm working at an awesome boutique right now since the job market is so slow, so there's a little update to share!  Pretty much, right now, Robbie and I are soaking in the pleasure of being married for a year now and we're enjoying every second of this Fall weather.  I love it!!!  My parents gave Robbie and I two rocking chairs we picked out to put on our front porch so we can sit and enjoy this awesome weather.  Haha, I know you're thinking we sound like grandma and grandpa, but in our neighborhood a lot of people have rocking chairs and sit outside and watch the kiddies play and sip lemonade or apple cider.  It's amazing!  AND, I'm putting out all of our fall decorations up tomorrow.  We decided to wait until October instead of rushing and putting it out on the first full day of Fall since it was on Rob's birthday and his bday decorations were still up.  Okay, this was a super quick update.  I hope everyone is having a great week and has a fun weekend ahead.  Blessings!

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