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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oprah tomorrow.

I have to make this quick because we are walking out the door, but I want to mention that tomorrow on Oprah there is a segment on the Whitakers and the horrible tragedy Sugar Land went through six years ago, one many are still facing and healing from.  I went to school with Kevin and can't express enough how great of a guy he was.  Every memory I have of him includes him smiling.  The story that unfolded after that tragic evening is indescribable.  I know a movie has been discussed, but no movie can do justice to the portrayal of forgiveness and faithful humility Mr. Whitaker has displayed over the course of the past six years.  It was such a hard thing that people went through and part of me is not looking forward to it being relived on television tomorrow, but yet, it is something Mr. Whitaker has been going through EVERY SINGLE DAY since tragedy struck.  His wife and youngest son are gone and his only other son is now on death row, sentenced for the plot of the murders of his family.  Yet through it all, Mr. Whitaker has shown only forgiveness and spoken of God's faithfulness and love.  Please watch it.  To get the full story you can look at the article I'm providing below.  Please pray for the Whitakers, their family and friends and the alumni of FBBA that knew Kevin and loved him dearly.  


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