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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Holy cow, the past five days have been a WHIRLWIND!  I've completely lost track of what day it is and feel like I have been in a bubble.  I found out Brad and Angelina had their twins about THREE days ago!  That is a piece of information I would usually know about as it's even happening, lol.  The past few days have been a lot of fun, though.  It really is a crazy thing doing what I do at these conferences.  I'm at the American Association of Justice Conference which is in Philadelphia this time and hosts hundreds of attorneys from around the country.  Last time it was in Puerto Rico and before that it was in Chicago.  The next one is in Honolulu!  I thought it was pretty funny they were holding it in Philly, the city I'm so accustomed to.  The days consist of exhibiting and the whole rest of the night is NON STOP action.  There is a themed cocktail event every day in the exhibit hall, then a reception and party at city monuments, always a dinner we have to attend, and then the late night action is held a different club in the venue's city each night.  It's great getting to really experience so many different places, bands and food within the hosting city.  The Commodores played the other night!  I was bummed Lil' Richie wasn't there.  It's pretty crazy this is what I get paid to do, although not for long, and it has been the biggest blessing.  And I can honestly say I'm okay with the fact that I will be moving on soon.  It's fun, but EXHAUSTING!  I have met so many amazing people and have traveled to some awesome places and have eaten incredible food.  Now I get to embark on a new journey a little closer to "home" - LeHigh Valley, PA.  We're moving in two weeks!  I'm done with the conference tomorrow and then leave on Thursday for all of Julia's wedding festivities.  I am so excited to finally stand up next to my beautiful Jules and watch her say "I DO!".  Rob and I will be back on Sunday and then Monday we leave for Maine.  I can't believe how busy the month of July has been.  And August won't exactly be any calmer.  But life is great and God has really blessed us with all of these great experiences.  I have been staying at the downtown Marriott throughout the conference and was able to have Robbie stay with me and attend some of the parties.  He always hears about the craziness that goes on at these events but has never experienced it.  I felt so proud to have my husband with me and to show him off to all of our clients and my dear friends.  Everyone loved him, of course.  I don't have any pictures to post yet - I don't have my camera cord with me at the hotel, but hopefully in the next post I will have pictures of the conference, wedding and Maine!  That is if I can't post before I get back from everything - which is very well possible.  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  There are quite a few of you that I will see this weekend and I am SO excited!!  For everyone else, please keep in touch and God Bless!


Ashley and Drew said...

It sounds like you have such a fun job! I wish I could find something more along the lines of that but someday my dream job will come up. I still can't get over how pretty your wedding picture is...gorgeous!!

Have a great week!

Harris Family said...

Anna, what exactly do you do? Do you pay them to work or do they pay you?!

It sounds like an amazing job. Hooray for moving, have you already found a job or have you decided to start having babies and forgo working all together?

You look beautiful in all your pictures you've posted. Pretty girl! Take tons of pictures this weekend, can't wait to hear about your super busy life. I love vicariously through you :)