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Friday, February 15, 2008


WOW...I give myself a big, fat "F" in keeping this thing up. My apologies! First off, Happy New Year! I can't believe my last entry was in December. And if you only knew how much has changed since that entry, you would understand the lack of writing!! I pray everyone has been doing well and you are all enjoying this New Year, thus far. Yesterday was my first Valentine's Day as a married woman and it was FANTASTIC! My husband is so romantic, we had so much fun!

January and February have been FULL. We've celebrated a few birthdays, hosted some fun shindigs and have been doing a lot of traveling. I was in Puerto Rico for a week with work (FABULOUS) in January and last week Robbie and I were both away for work, Robbie in Denver and myself in D.C. Work has definitely been keeping us both busy, but our jobs have been the biggest blessings. It's hard when we are away from each other, but it always surprisingly goes by so fast. And when we aren't away from each other, our days are filled with so many fun and new things. Right now Rob is on a kick of cooking (sooo loving this). I came home on Wednesday and Rob met me with a glass of wine and the aroma of Chicken Parmesan cooking in the oven. The table was set, and I mean SET - with candles and the whole works. I melted into his arms the second I stepped into the door. I have an amazing husband!

My job situation has actually taken a huge turn towards AMAZING. God is SO good and I am so incredibly excited. I started my own Creative Marketing Consulting business and am currently employed as the full time Marketing Consultant for the company I was previously working for. I told them I was quitting because of my new business venture and they hired me on as their full time Marketing Consultant! I am managing the marketing department and conference division. I get to do exactly what I love, while working from home and traveling the country! Can I say it again? GOD IS GOOD!!

Rob was picked out of his whole sales territory to attend a conference in Denver, Colorado. It was a huge honor to be chosen and was a tremendous opportunity for him. I'm so proud! I don't know that I've ever really mentioned what either one of us does for a living! Rob is a Medical Device Sales Rep for Spinal Concepts, a division under Johnson & Johnson. He's the guy in the ER and OR giving and selling implants and medical devices to the surgeons as they operate. His specialty is the spine and neck. He loves it, and he doesn't even mind if he gets a call at four in the morning for a trauma. Luckily, he's only on call one weekend a month. Thank goodness!

I have really strayed from my last entry by posting so much about ourselves. My intentions are to provide a detailed update about our lives for those we have not been able to tell ourselves. I wish so badly I could press a button and hear how everyone else is also doing. PLEASE let me know what is going on in your life and how we can be praying for you. OH, that reminds me of a huge praise! Robbie and I found a church that we are really excited about. Thank you so much for your prayers; this has been a continuous prayer request and God, of course, has been working ten-fold. He never ceases to amaze me. :o)

So much love,


PS. I'll be back soon this time. I promise!

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