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Thursday, February 21, 2008

fun, new things.

This has been an exciting week in terms of new toys! Rob and I bought a new car!! We bought a 2008 Honda Pilot...with leather interior, heated seats, sun-roof, GPS System...the whole works!! I'm super excited about the Satellite Radio and rearview camera that will show if I'm about to hit something (not that I will EVER need this, of course). We went to pick it up on Monday but I changed my mind on the color while we were there. So, now we will get it tomorrow. I am SO excited. This will be my new baby! Robbie has been so amazing through the whole process too, he wants it to be exactly how I want it since it will be my new toy. Another awesome purchase this week was my new MacBook Pro! And we bought everything I will need on it for my new business. I am SO excited to start designing on this one. My trusty PC Laptop has been faithful to me, but it is time for bigger and better things. It was the biggest blessing how it all worked; a guy at the Apple Store befriended us and gave us so many great deals. We also got a brand new printer/scanner/fax machine with everything for free! We really were spoiled this week!

Rob and I are leaving tomorrow (weather permitting) for Penn State. This weekend is THON and Nathan, Rob's brother is dancing. Rob danced his senior year and it was actually the first time I ever met Rob's parents! We are so excited to go support Nate and see everyone. It really is one of the most incredible experiences. I will take TONS of pictures!! For those of you who don't know what Penn State's Dance Marathon is, I will do my best to explain it. But trust me, there is not a better way to understand it than by experiencing it in person. THON has been a Penn State tradition since 1973, though it has changed drastically since its first year. The mission is to "conquer pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support to the children, families, researchers and staff of The Four Diamonds Fund". In 2004 PSU pledged to raise $10 million over the next six years to create a new Pediatriac Cancer Pavillion at the Penn State Children's Hospital. Last year in 2007, THON raised over $5 million! This weekend, for 48 hours, dancers will be awake and on their feet. It's an awesome experience!! I will definitely post all about it when we get back. Happy Thursday!

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