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Monday, November 26, 2007

memories in the making.

Here it goes...

God never ceases to amaze me. This time of year always makes me feel so warm and happy. What makes it even better, beyond comparison, is that this year I get to go through this special time with my new HUSBAND. I still love seeing, saying and hearing that word.

I love the holidays. I love the smells of the holidays, especially the smells of baking. This year I have my very own kitchen to bake in! I am in love with all of our new appliances we received from the wedding. I use our KitchenAid mixer and Cuisinart slowcooker on a twice, weekly basis. Robbie, being the amazing thing that he is, eats everything I create. So far I have had pretty good luck in the kitchen, but I still continue to pray our first year of marriage will round out with NO food poisoning from my end. It helps that I grew up with the chef of all chefs, my mom. I owe it to her for placing the ‘cooking spark’ in me some time ago. And now I have a new mother in law to learn from as well. I am blessed with two very important and influential women in my life.

I think the joining of families is an amazing thing. This holiday season I get to share all of the love and happiness with not only my own family, but Robbie’s too. Having a larger family makes it sometimes more difficult to keep in touch as often as we would like with everyone. I hope to keep our families and friends updated with our lives through this new blog. Please keep us posted on the exciting things happening in your lives too!

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