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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bring on the dog food.

We're getting a puppy! Robbie and I are in the final stages of preparing for a new little puppy to enter our home. We are hoping to get him by Christmas, or at the latest in January. Rob is the one who actually started the whole thing and planted the seed. He has been doing so much research on which breeder to use. We already have his name picked out and everything! You would think we are preparing for the arrival of an actual little human. I'm so excited!

Last night we had my parents, sister, neice and Grandma over for dinner. We made a pork tenderloin with couscus and I baked banana bread for dessert. It turned out really well! Someone suggested I add a teaspoon of vanilla to the bread mixture and sprinkle brown sugar on top before baking. It was tasty! I was so relieved everything was a hit. One of the greatest things is that Robbie likes to cook too. It's so fun being in the kitchen together. Tonight we're going to try a chili I made on Sunday...I really hope it tastes okay. I'm not 'gonna lie, I'm a little nervous. Happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend!

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