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Monday, January 12, 2009

change of plans.

So I have been doing some thinking.

I want to make my "creative world" a priority. I love the idea of having this creative outlet that can be shared. I haven't been good at keeping up with my blog in the past, mostly because of time, but I also find it sometimes scary to convey personal opinions in fear that they will be shut down. On a different but related note, I feel like I have lived a lot of my life in a hurry with tons of energy being expelled from my soul daily. I told my husband that this year I am going to focus on being HEALTHY. I don't just mean exercising and eating right, although that is a huge part, but also mentally striving to be healthy. If you could look into my thought processes at any given minute, you would see a bazillion streams of conversation going ninety miles a minute. My brain moves faster than anything in my life. My imagination is wild, and with that comes a whole boat load of busy planning and eager desires waiting to be fulfilled. What a shame that I think I am too busy to write. If I enjoy this, I need to make time. But what I have decided is to start a brand new blogging journey. And on this new journey, I won't feel compelled to need to talk about anything in particular. My greatest love in my life is my husband, so obviously he is something I will talk about a LOT. And I know that's okay - even if no one wants to read about it! But, there are so many things I am passionate about and enjoy, and even if I can only touch on a few of them, that's still better than nothing. I love, love LOVE to cook. I am always trying to find new recipes and plan our next dinner party. I love entertaining and the creativity that comes into planning a special and unique dinner party. I think I have some really great ideas to share! I love decorating. My challenge right now in our new house is to find those rare finds that are PERFECT for the look and feel I am going for, but are also AFFORDABLE. I am constantly on the look-out for sophisticated and stylish little knickknacks I can incorporate into the themes I am going for. I love traveling. Although I don't do as much now as I have before, we still have some amazing trips planned for the future. In fact, we're going to Italy in May for 10 days! I am ECSTATIC. I love books. But I am PICKY. I have to be caught up in the book enough to not want to put it down, or I probably won't finish it. I have found a few MUST READ books in my lifetime that NEED to be shared and read by everyone (in my opinion). I love designing! Everything I know I have taught myself, so I am by no means a professional, but I love getting on my macbook and letting the creative juices flow and do their thing. The list goes on. So, I will be starting a new blog that I am EXCITED to pour into. I love this blog. I love that it was my first. And really there is no need to start a new blog, except that I find it an exciting and intriguing desire to accompany my fresh start to a new and creative world for ideas, thoughts and writings.

It is in the works! So, stay tuned. :o)

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Ashley said...

Yay!! I can't wait to check out the new blog! ;)