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Friday, March 21, 2008


I think today should be called "Great Friday".  It's really unbelievable what today means, and so often we forget to stop and think about it.  Naturally, on Sunday when we are sitting in church, we are reminded of what this weekend is all about, but today often gets overlooked.  Praise the Lord He died so He could rise!!!  I love Easter for what it symbolizes, and I also love it because it means it is SPRING!  I love that our wardrobes suddenly become brighter.  I love that no matter what the temperature is, I will still pull out my flip flops and sundresses.  Maybe I won't wear them, but atleast they will be out and ready!  On an entirely different note, I realized for the first time today that I have had the "comments" section of our blog turned off.  How lame is that?!  I always want to hear how everyone else is doing and here I had an instant means of communication turned off!  Alas, it is now turned on.  Tell us how you're doing!!  Last night, Rob and I were invited to watch the evening basketball games at another couple's place.  It was so fun!  We had wine, ate pizza and talked basketball.  Rob knows it's in both of our best interests to have me fill out a bracket for March Madness.  It gets me really into the games.  I never want to take the time, but then I always do and become an avid basketball fan overnight.  In fact, two years ago, our senior year of college, I WON!!!  I picked all of the winning teams strictly based on colors and if I had friends who went there.  Low and behold, I won the whole thing.  I'm not getting my hopes up for this year, but it would be nice to win again.  :o)  Should I be using paragraphs for all of these different thoughts I am writing about?  I probably should.  But I think this makes it more relaxed and informal.  I am one of the first to admit I am not the best writer in the world.  The way I can best express my thoughts and ideas is through images.  I wish every story I thought of could instantly be put into words on paper.  It's funny, my sister and I were in Barnes and Noble's the other day having coffee and doing work.  I was so frustrated about a project I was working on.  I was creating a logo and newsletter design for an assignment I had.  I spent so much time on the pictures and colors; I wanted it perfect.  That part was finished and I was pleased with the outcome.  Now, I was faced with actually writing the dang thing.  My sister grabbed my computer and started writing it.  In about ten minutes she had a whole rough draft done.  She hates the artistic part and loves the writing!  Do I sense a business partner in the making?  I THINK SO!!  Okay, this is getting long.  Now is when paragraphs would be better.  Next entry, I will use them.  Happy Great Friday!  Rob and I wish you all an amazing and happy Easter!!  GOD BLESS!!  xoxo   

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